Kyrgyz Republic
The Salt Peanuts Jazz Band playing at the Chicken Star venue

Performing Group:

Band Members
Kuban Kydykbaev (saxophone)
Janay Azhimadina (vocal)
Alexandr Sokolov (piano)
Erkin Kydykbaev (bass guitar, contrabass)
Bakyt Kydykbaev (drum & percussion, band leader)

About the Salt Peanuts Jazz Band, Bishkek

The Salt Peanuts Jazz Band is one of the best known local jazz acts in Bishkek. They have a vast repertoire performing with various programs, covering everything from Jazz standards, light background jazz over more versatile sets up to jazzy "Manas Epic Poems" interpretations in concert halls.

The Salt Peanuts also known as
Salt Peanuts Bishkek
The Salt Peanuts band was founded
Booking Contact
Email: Phone: +996 555 80 69 55

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