Commercial information is allowed on the list – this ad policy applies.

Moderators will ensure that ads …

  • stay low in volume
  • are informative
  • and are of value to the subscribers


Cost of advertisement:

  • charges a protective fee of 100 KGS per commercial or repetitive ad.
  • Gastronomy ads are 1000KGS per email or require sponsorship (please contact me for details).
  • Personal ads, search requests and pro-bono ads will remain free.
  • Posts of ‘real events’ are free. A concert is a ‘real’ event. An opening, theme day or sale is a ‘promo event’ and requires payment. If in doubt, just post – I will notify you if payment is required.
  • Also free are the first posts of yard sale announcements or household sell-offs.


Please send your payment to Elsom account: 0557888604

This is also our WhatsApp contact. Please notify us of your payment.


These kind of ads are assumed to always have a commercial side to it and are therefore only approved after the protective fee is paid:

  • car sales
  • apartment offers, with the exceptions of roommate searches for shared appartments (be explicit in the subject)
  • commercial in nature, e.g. selling of factory new clothes or gadgets.
  • repetitive posts
  • paid services (language lessons, cosmetic services, etc.)


To make sure, our subscribers are not spammed, we will usually not allow the resending of posts within 30 days – paid or not.


Partner Agreements: Senders who use the list repeatedly and with a clearly commercial background will be approached and asked to enter a sponsorship agreement with us.


Detailed infos about payment: To make payment as easy as possible we decided to use Elsom. This electronic cash system is available to everyone without registration via using one of the countless payment machines in Kyrgyzstan. Unfortunately Elsom does not yet provide a good comment function, so your payment will be anonymous and we need you to WhatsApp us a photo of the receipt or text us info about the transaction, so we can assign your payment to you.


More Info about Elsom: