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Please do not submit payments for posts or advertisements!

Effective Date: Friday, 01. June 2018
Last Editorial Updated : Thursday, 28. June 2018

Purpose of the lists strived to provide the international community of Bishkek with useful information about events and market offers useful for expats and English speaking residents.

The usefulness of the information for the list subscribers is the main moderation criteria.

Commercial information is allowed on the list and the advertisement fees and sponsorships are used to finance the technology and work behind the info service.

This ad policy applies.

This advertisement policy document covers:

  • Email categories and advertisement fees at
  • Style Guide

Conditions and Cost - Quick Reference

Summary of the in detail price description below.
Subject of AdAdvertisment Fee
Apartment for rent100 KGS
Apartment for sale500 KGS
Car/Truck < $20K200 KGS
Car/Truck > $20K1000 KGS
Commercial real estate (rent or sale)500 KGS
Default Price (Sponsorship)3000 KGS
Gastronomy/Hospitality1000 KGS
Job posting100 KGS
Job Searchfree
Search for rentfree
Shared Apartmentsfree
Small Businesssee below
Yard Sale 1st adfree
Yard Sale repost100 KGS

Means of Payment - Summary

Payment SystemAccountComment
Megacom (Mobile Credits)0557888604use as last resort only please.
All systems lack a reference or comment field. To make a connection between you and your payment I need a short message with the approx. payment time via e.g. WhatsApp, email or SMS.


Conditions and Cost of advertisement

  • Sending commercial information requires to become a sponsor of
  • The price of sponsorship is 3000 KGS per month.
  • With the exceptions named below, the use of the list for commercial information requires to become a sponsor.
  • Sponsorship includes a budget of one email per month without additional charge.
  • Unused email budget can be used in the following months while the sponsorship agreement is valid.
    1. The sponsor may send up to one email per week to avoid annoying our subscribers.
    2. Addition email budget can be bought for 1000 KGS per email.
    3. Each email will have a different topic, event or offer.
    4. Each topic may only be advertised once in 30 days.
    5. Unused email slots default after the sponsorship has been resigned.
  • Style guidelines and repetition rules still apply in any case.

Exceptions: Discounts and Special conditions of advertisement:

For emails of these categories, special conditions apply. A sponsorship agreement is no necessary.

Gastronomy and Hospitality

  • Individual emails: Gastronomy and Hotel ads are 1000KGS per email.
  • By September 2018 we will offer a special Gastronomy sponsorship offer.

Apartment and real estate offers

  • Apartment or house for rent: a fee of 100 KGS per email.
  • Apartment or house for sale: a fee of 500 KGS applies.
    This includes up to 3 send-outs if the house is unsold – one per month.
  • Commercial real estate for rent or sale: a fee of 500 KGS per email.
  • Offers for shared apartments and rooms with a rent below 20.000 KGS (ca. $280) are free.The Subject line of the email and description must clearly state that a room in a shared apartment or house is offered.
  • Search requests for apartments are free
  • Starting September 2018: Selling ads will be restricted to distribution with our weekly newsletter. A detailed package description will be introduced by September 2018.

Car Sales

  • Car/Truck Sales (value < $20.000): 200 KGS per email.
  • Car/Truck Sales (value > $20.000): 1000 KGS per email.

Job offers

  • Job postings: 100 KGS per email.
  • Job search: free

Private Sales

  • Yard sale announcements or household sell-offs: The first posts is free.
  • Yard Sales: Repetitions are 100 KGS per email.

Event Posts

Posts of ‘real events’ are free and stay free. However, starting September 2018 free distribution will be restricted to the weekly newsletter. Further details will be posted by September 2018.

Definition of the event types:

  • A unique non repeating concert of a specific performer is a ‘real’ event.
  • An opening, theme day or sale is a ‘promo event’ and requires payment of 1000 KGS (gastronomy).
  • If in doubt, just post – I will notify you if payment is required.

Free ads

  • Personal ads, search requests and pro-bono ads will remain free.

Small Business service advertisements

  • small volume but commercial in nature, e.g. selling of factory new clothes or gadgets. – 200 KGS
  • commercial services or paid services (language schools, cosmetic services, etc.) – 200 KGS
  • lessons private teacher, no company (language lessons, music lessons, etc.) – 100 KGS

If you type of advertisement is not listed and you feel that a special rate should apply to you kind of content, please contact us at or via WhatsApp to discuss the matter.

Moderation of the list

Moderators will ensure that ads …

  • stay low in volume
  • are informative
  • and are of value to the subscribers


Payment of the advertisement fee

Please send your payment to Elsom account: 0557888604

This is also our WhatsApp contact. Please notify us of your payment.

Detailed infos about payment: To make payment as easy as possible we decided to use Elsom. This electronic cash system is available to everyone without registration via using one of the countless payment machines in Kyrgyzstan. Unfortunately Elsom does not yet provide a good comment function, so your payment will be anonymous and we need you to WhatsApp us a photo of the receipt or text us info about the transaction, so we can assign your payment to you.

More Info about Elsom:

Email Frequency

To make sure, our subscribers are not annoyed by overly frequent repetition, we will not allow the resending of posts with the same or similar content within 30 days – paid or not.


Partner Agreements

Senders who use the list repeatedly and with a clearly commercial background will be approached and asked to enter a sponsorship agreement with us.

Privacy Policy

We respect the privacy of all our users and therefore collect and store only the data we require to provide our services. We exercise due diligence to ensure the data is stored in a safe manner ensuring your privacy and to keep the employed software up so date with the latest security fixes.

Our use of data is explained in detail in the Privacy Policy.