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The international mailing list for Bishkek

Do you want to stay up-to-date about the latest events in Bishkek and network with the international community in Kyrgyzstan’s capital?

Then you should subscribe to our free mailing list!

Our list is used to promote and organize events, ask or offer help or communicate with the international community in general.

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The list is moderated to avoid spamming and apart from our monthly newsletter, commercial information is forwarded strictly on a ‘interesting for our subscribers’ basis. The list is target at the english speaking crowd, both foreigners and kyrgyzstani. Only subscribers of the list are allowed to post.


Richard Heider Avatar The list is organized and moderated by Richard Heider in his private time. He is a consultant and trainer for business science and organization.


The German expat community has been maintaining an active list for many years. Lately the number of internationals posting to this list in english showed that there is a need for a list to target the english speaking international community in Kyrgyzstan. Therefore in April 2014 this list was forked off the German mailing list.





  • Currently (2018-04-14) there are 1112 subscribers on the list.
  • In a typical week there are approx. 20 emails on the list.








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What do people usually post?

Here are a few examples of typical posts:

“An apartment for rent in the quiet city centre. Situated on xxx Street. Total area is about 60 square meters. Floor 2 (2/5). Next to “yyy” shop. The apartment is just after repair and has all modern facilities (convenience). New furniture, new facilities materials, air conditioner, water heater. Cable television. Rent cost is USD $$$ per month, + payment for utilities.”

Local flat owners

“We will be selling our [CAR]: $$.$$$ USD. Please contact: #### ###### or if interested. Further details and pictures are available in the attachment.”

“We are leaving Bishkek at the end of [MONTH]. See some items for sale in the attached. Don’t hesitate to contact me for additional details and know that best offers are also accepted!”

People leaving

“This week: NAME OF EVENT

opening festival and exposition

It will start at 20.00.

In Programm: concert with participation of Kyrgyz and international musicians; documental films and audio video installation…”

Event organizers

Latest infos

Advertisement Policy on

Advertisement Policy on

Rules and fees which apply to commercial information to be distributed via the mailing list, as well as the definition which kind of posts are considered as non-commercial or free ads.

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