Kyrgyz Republic
Banner-MachoBand-at-Metro-Pub-every-Thursday-Friday-and-SaturdayThe MaCho Band plays every Friday and Saturday at the Metro Pub in Bishkek.
The MaCho Band is the house band of the Metro Pub. You can rely on them to get the party started. With their Russian and international repertoire of pop entertainment and rock classics, the get the dance floor moving and the crowd heated up. They are for a good reason, named one of the best entertainment life acts in Bishkek. Excellent musicians and their female lead voice rocks you off your feet. This band will let you dance till early in the morning and it has not yet let anyone down looking for a good time at the Metro Pub. The MaCho band plays both Russian dance floor classics as well as English language international dance classics - and their audience appreciate their professional performances and their amazing stage aura.

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