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Open workshop on improvisation

Open workshop on improvisation

Nikita Menchov will hold an open workshop in Bishkek on improvisation! The sea of ​​emotions...

Nikita Menchov will hold an open workshop in Bishkek on improvisation in acting and its implication on real life, business and career.

Explore ​​emotions and drive and activation.

Improvisation is one of the most fascinating, the most complex and, at the same time, the most interesting and modern aspect of theater and acting.

It’s the art of making stories from scratch. The highest point of manifestation of all three components of a professional actor is intelligence, fantasy and the ability to be in the moment.

Nikita Menshov, the creator of the Big-Improv Studio in St. Petersburg, teaches in Bishkek.

Nikita will talk about the most difficult, but perhaps most fascinating phenomenon – the Art of Scenic Improvisation.

Nikita Menshov is using his many years of experience in the training of improvisation to shows the participants the basic skills of improvisation and how to reach a new level of efficiency and teamwork in group improvisations.

Nikita Menchov – Founder of Big Improv Studio, Ambasador Improvisation in Russia, which before Russia was trained in the USA, China, Japan, the Philippines, and Dubai. He started and conducted more than 8 courses in such countries as Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Vietnam. He is the only Russian member of the Canadian Institute of Improv-Actors iTi, as well as a participant in many international projects in the field of contemporary theater, film and television.

The workshop will help you:
* Form a cohesive team around you
* In a new light, to reveal your strength / capabilities within the collective
* Interact in the team as a single organism
* Create an atmosphere of creativity and positive spirit in the team
* Learn how to get out of any situation
* Learn to be constantly in the moment – here and now
* Increase the team’s intellectual and energy efficiency by several times
* Do not be afraid of your fantasies, and turn them into real business cases

Seminar Details

Cost: 200 soms.
Seats are limited.
Registration is required.

Inquiries by phone
0777 99 00 89 (Whats app)
0777 99 00 79

The Language of the seminar is Russian. You can find video testimonials on VK.

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