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LiveStreaming of TEDx Event in Refugee Camp Kakuma Camp

TEDxKakumaCamp offers a different lens into the reality of life as a refugee, away from...

TEDxKakumaCamp offers a different lens into the reality of life as a refugee, away from the images of devastation and suffering, and towards stories of resilience, of contribution, of creativity.

Stories that uplift and inspire not just the communities that host them but the entire world. The theme, Thrive, supports our belief that empowered refugees can shape a peaceful and tolerant future of our world.

Speakers will include current and former Kakuma Camp refugees as well as international experts and artists who wish to make the world a better place for people forced to flee their homes.
TEDxKakumaCamp will be the first TEDx event hosted in a refugee camp, with refugees, and also for refugees. It is curated by Melissa Fleming and Dana Hughes with support from UNHCR and volunteer teams.

Event will have three session consisting of:
1. First broadcast 13:00 – 14:45
2. Lunch\ Discussion session 14:45 – 16:15
3. Second broadcast 16:15 – 18:30

Screening Session

If you do not want to watch this alone, ololohaus will host the live streaming event from the African region from TEDxKakumaCamp.

Date: 9 June 2018
Time: 12:40
Mob.: 0777 99 00 56
Cost: free

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