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Tien Shan Trail Race 2018

Tien Shan Trail Race 2018

The Tien-Shan Trail Race is a fascinating mountain marathon for professionals as well as for...

The Tien-Shan Trail Race is a fascinating mountain marathon for professionals as well as for amateur runners. The race will take place in the Base Camp “Karkara”, the picturesque natural boundary of the Issyk-Kul region Char Kudu.

The base camp “Karkara” is 88 kilometers away from the main road Bishkek – Karakol along the northern shore. Three meals per day and an accommodation in comfortable double tents are provided. Each tent is equipped with mattresses and electricity.

The marathon starts on June 23, 2018. The runners can test their forces in 3 km or 10 km race, as well as the trail-runners in 21 km or 42 km race. The event will be accompanied by interactive games and contests, as well as an evening show program.

Routes are made for participants with different physical strengths. Athletes can run a marathon and a half marathon race (42 and 21 km) to compete with the strongest marathon runners. Those, who like a healthy life style, can overcome 3 and 10 km distances and enjoy unique landscapes.

Trail running is a run on natural terrain. Each year it collects more and more fans around the world. For some participants, it is a strength test, and for others, it is a unity with nature and the opportunity to enjoy the mountain scenery. Here everyone will find something that one likes.
We invite marathon runners and lovers of an active lifestyle to take part in a sports event. Let’s escape from the city, get unforgettable impressions of the mountain scenery and enjoy the atmosphere of the sports festival together!

Objectives of the Tien Shan Trail Race 2018

  • Promotion of mountain tourism and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Development of international friendly sports relations and tourism, identification of the strongest mountain athletes in Kyrgyzstan.
  • Attraction of athletes and tourists from foreign countries.
  • Promotion of Kyrgyz nature, picturesque mountainous terrain, clean air, and water
  • Quick facts about the Tien Shan Trail Race 2018

    • Duration: 3 days / 2 nights.
    • Location: “Karkara” Base Camp, The Chaar-Kuduk tract, Issyk-Kul region, Kyrgyzstan.

    Distances of the Tien Shan Trail Race 2018

    • 3 km race
    • 10 km race
    • 21.97 km race (trail)
    • 42.195 km race (trail)

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    Basic rules for the participant of the Tien Shan Trail Race 2018

    1. Each participant overcomes the distance independently and bears responsibility for risks associated with participation.
    2. The personal start number must be attached to the participant’s chest and must be clearly visible. It is forbidden to remove, fold, close the number or logo of the sponsor on it during the passage of the entire distance.
    3. Participants must run only along the marked track, in those places where the passage of the route can be interpreted in more than one way.
    4. Participants must obey the requirements of the organizing committee, judges, inspectors, medical workers. In case of non-compliance with the requirements, competitor is dismissed from the race.
    5. The participant confirms that he/she monitors health regularly, physically fit for participation and has no contraindications to this.
    6. The organizers and sponsors of the competition, and their employees are not responsible for physical injuries, damages, any losses that the participant incurred before, during or after the competition.
    7. Participants of the competition agree with the use of their names, portraits, photos or other audio, video materials for promotional activities or for any other purposes by the organizers without requiring compensation in any form.
    8. The participant is responsible for providing complete and reliable data in the questionnaire. In case of changing any data (change of name, residence, documents, contact phones, etc.) participant must notify the organizers of the competition immediately.
    9. The organizers of the competition guarantee the confidentiality of participant’s data and the non-disclosure of this information to third parties.
    10. The participant does not object to receiving short text messages (SMS) or e-mail (e-mail) from the organizers with information about cross-country events.
    11. The participant, hereby, confirms that he/she understands that the race is conducted 2200 meters above sea level.
    12. Participants are required to complete the distance; the turn will be fixed by judges and electronic devices.

    The participant confirms that he/she has read, understood and agrees with all rules listed above, the violation of which can lead to the disqualification of the participant.
    These Rules are signed on the day of the pre-start registration by each participant personally

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